Ultra Racing Fender Brace Integra DC2 94-01 3 Point


- Integra
- Integra 94-01
- Ultra Racing

Ultra Racing Fender Braces are fitted between the vehicles a-post and chassis support legs behind the front wing. This point of the vehicle is a weak area that encounters flex, especially on lowered and stiffened application.

When the vehicle encounters lateral force on the suspension turret due to high speed cornering, hard braking on an uneven road surface, this force creates bounce between the a-post and turret area. The ultra racing fender brace minimises this flex by strengthening and bracing this weak point and allowing this force to be absorbed by the shock absorbers and brace.

The Ultra Racing fender brace will promote safer braking, greater vehicle stability, chassis stiffness and reduced level of vibration from the chassis
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