Toda Power Baffled Oil Sump F20C S2000


- S2000
- S2000 99-03
- S2000 04-09

Toda Power is one of the most respected tuners in the world and their quality of manufacture is second to none. The Toda Power Baffled "Anti G-Force" Oil Sumps are designed to help prevent oil from moving around under extreme conditions. This helps in preventing drops in oil pressure and air from mixing with the oil. The main baffle plate is removable making it easy to flush out foreign bodies from every hole and corner when overhauling.

Extra service hole provided. For example : an additional oil temp sensor, etc. (1/8PT) where applicable.

The TODA logo is etched into the body of the sump to show that this is not your stock type oil sump.
SKU: 11200-F20-001
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