Spoon Sports Baffled Oil Sump K20Z FN2/FD2


- Civic 07-10 H/B
- Civic 07-09 4dr Saloon
- Civic

Spoon Sports baffled oil sump are regarded as some of the best fitting sumps available as they use a re-worked genuine honda aluminium sump. Spoon have developed an oil baffle plate which has been fixed into place inside a brand new genuine honda sump in exactly the right place to keep a constant supply of oil to the oil pickup.   During high speed cornering and acceleration, oil in the sump tends to move around far too much meaning that the oil pickup doesn't have a constant supply of oil....fitting the Spoon Sports sump keep a resevoir of oil in reach of the oil pickup so when high forces of cornering and acceleration are place on the oil system, the risk of oil starvation is greatly minimised.

Like many aftermarket performance oil pans, the Spoon baffle oil pan features a baffle to keep oil present where the pick-up always has a supply of oil. This is advantageous on road courses where long drawn out turns can keep the oil at one part of the pan, thus inhibiting oil pickup.
It is highly recommended for race engines and enthusiasts who frequently track their car and care about engine longevity.
SKU: 11200-FN2-001-B
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