Injen Cold Air Intake Integra 94-01 SiR Civic 95-01 MB6 B18C4 Polished


- Integra
- Civic
- Civic 95-00 5dr H/B
- Integra 94-01

The Injen RD series is a cold air intake system for the enthusiast craving mid-range power. The intake tube is strategically placed behind the front bumper to acquire colder, denser air. Although most of the Injen RD series are a one-piece design, several are two-piece designs due to the mass air flow meters.
Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more horsepower and torque. But that's only part of the power equation; Tuning the inlet pipe in length and diameter to match the engine's resonance helps move more air to the cylinders and this tuning allows  Injen's Cold Air Intake  Systems  to deliver larger power gains.
Application:   Integra 94-01 SiR Civic 95-01 MB6 B18C4

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