Hond-R X-Brace CRX 88-91 Fitted ONLY


- CR-X
- CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT

The Hond-R X-braces tie the major rear suspension stress points of the vehicle together to reduce and eliminate flexing of the body and suspension turrets during high speed, hard cornering and reduce stresses when lowered and stiffened cars are used for fast road and track use.

Hond-R X-braces make use of the c-pillar and strut top point to significantly reduce body flex when cornering hard while giving your car a stylish look. Using the 6 bar design, it allows all the stress points of the vehicle to be consolidated into one creating a much stiffer and more rigid frame making it an instantly noticeable addition. This design also allows you to retain the rear seats and rear interior plastics with minimal modification to the plastics   (but rear seatbelt points are used, so the use of rear seatbelts is not possible).

Each X-brace is hand tig welded using 18G 304 stainless steel with a light brushed / polished finish and come complete with cnc machined brackets and fixings. All braces come with 1 year warranty

NOTE: This application is sold as fit by Hond-R Only due to its complicated nature. Please call us for a quote for fitting and time scale.
£365.00 Delivery - POA