Toda Racing Exhaust Manifold Torqui-Kun Spec

Toda Racing Exhaust Manifold Torqui-Kun Spec
Compatible Vehicles
S2000 99-03
S2000 04-09

Toda Racing Manifolds are the tuning scenes most repsected, rare and desirebale units available due to Toda Racing's massive success in racing in the competitive field. From this, you can be sure you are fitted not only the best quality manifold to your engine, but one of the most vigorously tested manifolds available.

Toda Racing use race accumulated data and bench testing to optimise their manifold design to extract every available hp from your engine but the major difference is that Toda maximise their power output where it is most useable. Each section of the manifold is designed for specific engine output characteristics with high flow junctions, optimised pipe lengths, diameters and angles.

Toda Racing Manifolds are made of 100% stainless steel for durability, longevity and perfect fitment with flanges CNC machined for perfect sealing and service free life.

These are truly some of the best manifolds ever available and their design is often immitated but NEVER MATCHED!!!!

The newer version of the infamous racing manifold, the "Torqui-Kun" spec manifold creates more torque in a more useable power range and peaks with 3hp more. A true testament of Toda Racing's continual developmeant and improvement

Application: F20C S2000 "Torqui-Kun" spec

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