Tanabe Sustec Anti Roll Bar FRONT Prelude 97-01 30.4mm

Tanabe Sustec Anti Roll Bar FRONT Prelude 97-01 30.4mm
Compatible Vehicles
Prelude 97-01

The Tanabe SUSTEC Stabilizer Anti-Roll Bar is the final step of chassis tuning. This system results in better front and rear balance for improved cornering grip while delivering increased steering response, agility, and roll reduction. All Tanabe Sustec Stabilizers are made from lightweight hollow chromemoly to save weight and improve the chassis considerably.......

Built for the driving enthusiast, the Sustec Stabilizer emininates roll for exceptional stability and maximum tyre contact patch and grip.

Unique to the Sustec Stabilizer is it's FULL CHROMEMOLY steel alloy construction. Chromemoly's strength is such that a small diameter chromemoly anti-swaybar is significantly stronger than the standard steel anti-roll bars that are larger in diameter.

Used in major race applications, chromemoly anti-roll bars have now been release to the performance street tuner market.

Application: Prelude 97-01 FRONT

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