NRG Carbon Fibre Hood Honda CRX Del Sol 92-97 OEM Style

NRG Carbon Fibre Hood Honda CRX Del Sol 92-97 OEM Style
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NRG Innovations, a long standing performance accessories manufacturer, have now released their new line of CARBON8 carbon fibre products. Manufactured to some of the highest quality standards, the NRG Carbon8 carbon fibre hoods are developed using Grade A wet laid carbon fibre with a UV Resistant clear coating to ensure longevity of surface finish.

Carbon Fibre hoods have many benefits apart from looking amazing.....carbon fibre hoods reduce weight from the front of the vehicle resulting in better power to weight ratio thus improving acceleration, braking, and cornering by producing less inertial force than the original steel hood.

NRG CARBON8 Carbon Fibre Hoods come complete with latch, stock hinge fitments pre drilled and windscreen jet holes pre drilled with embossed areas for fitting hood seals where applicable. This allows the hoods to be a direct bolt on and utilises the original hardware from your existing hood. Professional installation is highly recommended for an oe fitment.

Note: For extra safety, NRG Innovations strongly advise all hoods to be used in conjunction with race approved hood pins.

Application: CRX Del Sol 92-97 OEM Style

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