Hybrid Racing Edition K Series Engine Conversion Mount Kit Civic/CRX 88-91 Steel

Hybrid Racing Edition K Series Engine Conversion Mount Kit Civic/CRX 88-91 Steel
Compatible Vehicles
CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT
Civic 88-91 hb

This kit is designed to allow you to drop a K-series engine into your 88-91 Civic and CRX. We decided to offer the K-series engine mounts in an all steel version for those looking to save a little cash over using our Billet Mount kits. These mounts provides the optimal amount of ground clearance to ensure your oil pan does not get damaged . It also places the engine at a straight shot to your hubs ensuring that your axles are not misaligned.

What is different about these mounts compared to other kits?

The real differences come in the form of comfort when driving and ease of install. Each mount features no-tear tapered polyurethane bushings. This taper eliminates interference between the mount and chassis minimizing vibration throughout the car. This style bushing is found on no other mount manufacturers products. All of the steel brackets are laser cut and robotically welded. Next they are finished with a DuPont industrial powder coat, unlike conventional black paint, before having there bushings inserted.

Why buy these over the competitor?
• Highest quality materials in the industry.
• True Torque Positioning .
• Greater choice of header applications.
• Robotically welded and laser cut steel brackets.
• No-tear tapered polyurethane bushings.
• Larger bushings with a superior design for less vibration.
• DuPont industrial powder coat finish.
Lifetime Warranty.
• Hybrid Racing warranty and customer guarantee.
• Hybrid Racing Tech support.

True Torque Positioning Technology (TTPT). What does this mean? When the mount kit was designed it was designed to put both the passenger and driver side mount at the same height and directly across from each other allowing the motor to torque evenly, without this your motor can torque at different angels causing damage in other areas.

Manufactured by Innovative mounts who are world leaders in Honda engine mount technology and have been designing and manufacturing innovative engine mount solutions for Honda and Acura chassis for over 10 years, Innovative mounts not only design and manufacture upgraded replacement mounts but also mounts for engine conversions allowing most Honda engines to be fitted with ease into most of Hondas chassis.

Quality, Precision, and Performance are the key factors Innovative Mounts was founded on and they use their own blend of urethane to offer unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. All applications are CAD/CAM designed and are Stress Analyzed. All innovative products come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.

Engine mounts are offered in 4 different hardnesses depending on their use:

60a. A replacement and slightly uprated hardness that has minimal vibration but not designed for more than 250hp. This hardness is also designed to employ the use of the stabiliser mounts (in certain applications).

75a. RECOMMENDED BY HOND-R, this mount hardness is the best all rounder. More vibration than the 60a, but allows the removal of torque mounts (where applicable) and is perfect for daily, fast road and track use.

85a. Race applications with very high horspower where the 75a would not cope, this hardness will create vibration at idle and high rpm but will mount the engine with near no movement under load conditions

95a. Extreme over 600HP applications only. High power track, race and 1/4 mile. Not recommended for unstrengthened chassis and mount points.



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