GruppeM Air Intake System Civic FN2 Type R

GruppeM Air Intake System Civic FN2 Type R
Compatible Vehicles
Civic 07-10 H/B

GruppeM Direct Feed Cold Air Intakes are regarded as some of the best performing and most exclusive intakes on the market.......and for good reason.

GruppeM have spent a huge amount of time in R&D developing an enclosed airbox intake system that achieves power increases across the rpm range while still maintaining oe quality fitment and extremely long service life.

Each GruppeM system is made of hand laid carbon fibre for extreme weight saving and strength allowing it to be placed within the confines of the engine compartment thus keeping noise levels down and meaning that filter cleaning does not need to be done so frequently.

GruppeM intakes focus their power from drawing cold air in from the outside directly into their own designed K&N manufactured air filter. Depending on application, this cold air (usually from the front grill or hood) is forced (ram effect) into the airbox keeping a constant supply of cold oxygen dense air to the engine allowing for greater combustive efficiency thus creating power and torque. As the air enters the airbox, the specially designed filter controls air turbulence and actually speeds up the flow of air to the engine.

GruppeM have designed each airbox kit completely individually taking into account moving parts, serviceability, heat sources, cold air intake and air cooling so you can rest assured you are getting one of the most acclaimed intakes to date. Each kit comes complete with all necessary fittings specifically manufactured for each application making fitment perfect.

Application: Civic FN2 Type R

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