Greddy Gracer Front Lip Civic 99-00

Greddy Gracer Front Lip Civic 99-00
Compatible Vehicles
Civic 96-00 H/B
Civic 96-00 2dr Coupe
Civic 96-00 4dr Saloon

The initial purpose of a front lip is to create a certain amount of downforce and direct air to critical components like brakes and radiators. Stock front lips, if fitted, are usually very small and create minmal downforce. Greddy Gracer front lips have been aerodynamically designed to create much larger downforce for the road and track.......

The Greddy Gracer series of front lips have been individually moulded to the highest standards to bring a perfectly fitting product that not only looks aggressive and purposeful, but actually translates into real performance gains. The inherent design of Greddy Gracer front lips is to reduce the amount of fast flowing air under the car causing lift at high speeds but instead forcing air above the car thus pushing the front of the car down and causing far better grip, handling, cornering and stability.

Greddy have also taken into consideration critical compnents that require air such as the radiator and brakes and have designed the Gracer front lips individually to cater for this if applicable. Greddy Gracer front lips are made from extremely high quality p.u, ppe or frp so you can be sure of a perfect oe fitment and easy colour coding. They also come complete with a full fitting kit and instructions where applicable.
Application: Civic 99-00

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