Function7 Billet Lower Control Arms Civic 96-00

Function7 Billet Lower Control Arms Civic 96-00
Compatible Vehicles
Civic 96-00 H/B
Civic 96-00 2dr Coupe
Civic 96-00 4dr Saloon

FUNCTION7 Control arms are some of the most recognised control arms in design due to their unique design. The cross lattice design is primarily for strength in both road and extreme race applications and replace the vehicles stock heavy and weak arms where a great deal of deflection and stress occurs. FUNCTION7 control arms are equipped with custom made Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings to increase service life and reduce the amount of unwanted deflection causing changes in suspension geometry on both road and track.

Using larger bushings with CNC machined inserts not only reduces deflection but also reduces the corrosion related issues found on moutning bolts. The bushings also act like bearingins meaning that the rear suspension of the vehicle can respond more rapidly and accurately creating a far better handling suspension setup. 

Designed for the extremes of racing use, all of FUNCTION7's lower control arms are precision machined out of 7075 aluminum for maximum strength and then treated for corrosion resistance.

Every arm is tracked in every step of the manufacturing process, and each arm is individually serialized and barcoded for quality assurance.


  • High quality custom-made polyurethane bushings (manufactured to our specifications by Energy Suspension) provide extended life while retaining excellent performance characteristics.
  • Aluminum CNC bushing inserts prevents rust related issues found on stock bushings.
  • Modular design allows individual component replacement and makes bushing rebuilds simple.
  • Entrapment-type bushings do not require set screws which cause undue stress points.
  • Full width bushing journals for maximum strength & reliability under the most extreme conditions.
  • Micro-engraving ensures that the product is a genuine Function7 product.
  • Each arm is individually serialized & bar coded for quality control and trackability
  • Three anti roll bar mounting holes are provided for the easy installation of most factory and aftermarket sway bars, and allows the stiffness of the sway bar to be easily adjusted.

Application: Civic 96-00

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