BuddyClub Spec IV Exhaust System Integra DC2 JDM

BuddyClub Spec IV Exhaust System Integra DC2 JDM
Compatible Vehicles
Integra 94-01

BuddyClub RACING SPEC IV exhaust systems adheres to the same basic principles used in all of BuddyClubs RACING SPEC mufflers - straight through design and light-weight for efficient exhaust flow. Their RACING SPEC IV backbox has additional built in silencing cavities in the muffler, making it substantially quieter than their Spec III and and Spec III Pro systems without having to use a separate bolt-in silencer.

BuddyClub RACING SPEC IV Exhaust systems strike a perfect balance between efficiency and adequate noise supression. Other available systems employ noise supressing techniques that has a high level of exhaust resistance such as chambers and restrictive fiberglass exhaust padding. All of our exhaust systems are designed with a straight through design. There simply is no other alternative that will yield the least amount of exhaust flow resistance. BuddyClubs key to their SPEC IV design is in the silencer...

Buddy Club has a resounding reputation for having the very best build quality available on the market today. Aside from their build quality, they are also known for employing some of the most unique methods of manufacturing that can only be found on their products. For the RACING SPEC IV exhaust system, special press manufacturing methods are used to build our silencers without having to weld anything. This method makes their silencers lighter and stronger. BuddyClubs SPEC IV exhaust system features an angle cut and rolled tip with their racing insignia proudly placed on the silencer making this something you can be truly be proud to own.

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