BuddyClub Pro-Spec Exhaust System Integra DC2 UK Spec

BuddyClub Pro-Spec Exhaust System Integra DC2 UK Spec
Compatible Vehicles
Integra 94-01

The Buddy Club Pro Spec Exhaust is a super light weight and highly efficient exhaust system that was initially designed to perform in race conditions. In its street version, to optimize torque in the low to mid speed range, it is equipped with an efficient middle silencer (resonator). Pro Spec Mufflers were designed for high performance as well as meeting sound level standards. With its deep throaty tone, it echoes its racing lineage.

The middle silencer achieves both exhaust efficiency and sound dampening requirements. Usual mufflers are designed to “muffle” sound and results in restricting performance. BuddyClub's mufflers, with results of trial and error, have developed the highest possible performance while maintaining a low throaty tone. BuddyClub only use the finest material, that meets high endurance, light weight, and excellent fit.

Improvement in durability can be seen by the use of “band- stay” hooks as attachment to the main silencer.The absence of welds help maintain the light weight frame and allows adjustment to fit bumpers perfectly. 

A mark of quality and craftsmanship, all mufflers are engraved with the Buddy Club logo.

Application: Integra DC2 UK Spec

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