Blox Racing MAX FLOW TRI-Y Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold B16/18

Blox Racing MAX FLOW TRI-Y Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold B16/18
Compatible Vehicles
Civic 96-00 H/B
CR-X 88-91 incl SiR / VT
Del Sol 92-97
Integra 94-01
Civic 88-91 hb
Civic 96-00 2dr Coupe
Integra 90-93
Civic 92-95 H/B
Civic 95-00 5dr H/B
Civic 92-95 2dr Coupe
Civic 92-95 4dr Saloon
Civic 96-00 4dr Saloon
Del Sol

Blox Racing are well known for "one off" development race/prototype parts and have very good success in the racing this success has transpired into products for the public.

Blox Racing headers are some of the most uniquely developed headers available and have had years of development data from road and race testing to provide the ultimate in header technology. All headers focus on super high quality and maximum power output and from this, Blox Racing have developed 2 different manifolds for B Series Engines...

The HI-Flow: High Output B16's and B18's up to 1900cc

The Max-Flow: High Output B18's and B20 Hybrids up to 2200cc


  • All headers are TIG-welded using SUS304 stainless steel.
  • 1.5mm wall thickness tubing in a 4-2-2-1 Tri-Y design.
  • Each header features true step-up exhaust header technology.
  • BLOX Racing headers are the internally TIG-welded head flanges which ensures against cracking under extreme pressures and spring-hinged piping joints.
  • All headers feature 10mm thick head flanges and 8mm exhaust flanges with 2.5 inch exhaust collectors.

Blox Racing headers are purely race bred and are designed for high output modified engines to get the maximum flow, efficiency and power from your engine.

Application: B Series Engines MAX-FLOW

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